5 Different Accommodation Options For Your Vacation


Choosing a place to stay on vacation can actually set the stage for the entire trip. That’s why when planning a magical getaway it’s important to decide ahead of time what type of accomodations are desired. There are several styles to choose from, so what it comes down to is which will accommodate every traveler best.

Hotels are a prime choice for most travelers. Typically they are a high quality and rest in prime locations like near the beach or a golf course. Hotels are perfect for those staying in one spot the entire vacation and often have great amenities like swimming, tennis, exercise rooms, restaurants, spas and more. Some may even have entertainment programs for adults as well as children with planned activities. Most hotels offer one room with one or two beds, and a bathroom.

All-Suite Hotel
At an All-Suite Hotel, all the amenities of a regular hotel are offered, the difference is that the rooms offer a kitchen and sometimes an extra bedroom or two. Having a kitchen in the room allows the traveler to purchase and prepare food in their room. This can save quite a bit of money because there is no need to eat out every meal, every day. It also allows privacy to those traveling in groups or with children.

Motels are a bit cheaper and not as well appointed but it is possible to find a motel that is clean and comfortable. A motel is choice for those who wish to spend more on activities and more time outside of the room than in it. Usually motels are located near main highways and offer convenience to those who are traveling their vacation and not staying in one place.

Bed and Breakfast
For those looking for unique accomodations, a bed and breakfast is a great choice. Typically they are made on a historical property and located in a prime vacation spot. Rooms are very nice and usually compliment the style of the bed and breakfast. There are Victorian, modern, and even theme style bed and breakfasts located all over the world. It can surely be a fun adventure to stay in such a special place. They offer more of a home-like feel and a gourmet home style breakfast is served every morning.

There is no other stay experience quite like a Hostel. A Hostel provides much cheaper accomodations as travelers all share a common space, much like a dormitory. Sometimes the beds are all in one room and other times they can be separated. Travelers do share a bathroom, bathing, and kitchen area. There is also a common area where guests can socialize.
There is definitely a place that fits with every style of vacation, whether travelers are backpacking across Europe, lounging at a popular beach, or visiting a famous theme park. If the right accomodations are chosen it is sure to be a memorable and fun filled trip for everyone.