6 Reasons To Be Delhi-ted By India-Tour East Holidays


The lovely capital of India, Delhi is considered to be the best of old and new worlds put

together. A bustling city filled with some of India’s most beautiful buildings, nature and people.

Tour East Holidays’ India tours show the best of the environment, from the common to the out

of the ordinary. Vacationers looking for modern marvels contrasting with the temples of old will

love the duality of Delhi, making it one holiday meshed into two parts! The best of India travel

packages, Delhi will leave you delighted.

1. Lock eyes with the Lotus Temple

Found in the new part of Delhi, the Lotus Temple is famous for its petal-like appearance, just

like a lotus flower. The temple is the home of the Bahá’í House of Worship, and the image of

the temple has been used in hundreds of examples of media.

2. At the Akshardham Temple

Dedicated to the Hindu and Indian culture, architecture and spirituality, the Akshardham

temple has been used in countless films. Intricately carved with flowers, dancers, musicians and

assorted deities, the temple is a shrine to spiritual life and entertainment.

3. Feel great at the India Gate

A proud war memorial in New Delhi, the India Gate was built in remembrance of the 82,000

Indian soldiers who died during the First World War. The Arc de Triomphe of India, this

unbelievable sight is ideal for history buffs on vacation!

4. Stay in The Claridge’s Hotel

After walking around on tour all day, what better way to relax than on the lush green lawns of

the Claridge’s Hotel’s famous garden? A five star stay on a five star vacation, this is the ideal

place to recharge at the end of the day.

5. See the shopper’s delight

Old Delhi is a shopper’s dream, filled with world-famous markets selling everything under the

Indian sun. Vacation-goers can buy jewellery and perfumes from the Dariba Kalan, clothes from

Kamla Nagar and gadgets from Lajpat Rai.

6. Simply red at the Red Fort

Once home to the Mughal emperors of India, the Red Fort at the centre of Delhi is a palace-like

structure made entirely from red sandstone, giving the structure the red glance it is famous for.

The Red Fort is the biggest monument in Delhi, one travellers can not miss! The Red Fort also

features a sound and light show depicting Mughal history in the evenings. Travellers can even

have dinner in the tea house nearby!