A Cyclists’ Dream Vacation


There is no better way to enjoy a vacation than cycling in British Columbia. Enjoying the view of this glorious landscape while peddling through world famous areas will help to create a retreat you will discuss for years to come.

Passing picturesque backdrops of rolling landscapes and seascapes while enjoying this exhilarating activity compares to no other. So many quiet back roads of countryside winding through majestic mountain vistas are perfect for cycling in BC’s natural beauty. Peddling through one of the world’s largest province adds to an amazing retreat; awesome forested routes and pristine lakes make the return trip more anticipated.

British Columbia is fast become the premiere location when planning a cycling excursion holiday. Visiting cyclists have a variety of affordable, convenient vacation packages to choose from when planning a unique and exciting getaway.

There are also some ingenious new inventions on the market concerning cycling. The latest in water resource and preservation is a water bike system. This invention designed to assist safe and effective water transport not only allows for easy access, its built-in filtering system provides a larger supply of drinking water during your British Columbia excursions.

The cycling industry recently produced a line of “green” bikes. Always environmentally conscious these durable and safe bicycles provide the quality and streamlined construction of a metal bike while preserving the breathtaking surroundings. You will appreciate this “green” invention when enjoying your vacation cycling in BC; innovations such as this assist in sustaining the beauty Mother Nature provides.

The battery bicycle is another creative “green” innovation that eliminates the need for standard battery operated bike lights. This battery runs on the power produced as the cyclist pedals the bike. No standard battery is required.

There can never be enough safety provided for cycling enthusiasts. A new device operates similar to radar detection. The device positioned at intersections monitors bicycle and vehicle traffic. As a bicycle approaches, the device sends out a warning light to vehicles allowing them recognition of the cyclist sharing the roadway with them.

For cyclists who find it difficult to leave the cell phone behind there is a superior new mobile holder constructed for your bike. The device installs for easy traveling transport. Just remember to store your cell phone in a safe place when encountering rain.

The right backpack can make or break the vacation experience. The latest packs available on the market today allow for easy transport of any needed items. These new designs position the weight to the cyclists hips giving easy movement to the rest of the body.

The latest technology is providing enhancement to your conditioning preparations when planning a cycling retreat. You may now download a workout application which will clock the pedaling pace and match the ratios per minute allowing music to play to the beat of the cyclist’s movement.

Adding a silver lining to your love of biking is an excursion cycling in BC. Take advantage of all this beautiful part of the world has to offer.